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Curator's Corner, 8/23/2015

CC logoI'm still here...had a terrible headache most of last weekend so I couldn't prep any posts for this past week. :(  Hopefully I'll write something this week. In the meantime, here are some links.

- How do I get this job?

- Meet "tontouring," the latest fad within the contouring trend.

- Nouveau Cheap has the scoop on the upcoming Cover Girl/Star Wars makeup collection.

- Japan-based cosmetics retailer Ainz & Tulpe introduced these really cool interactive shop windows in Tokyo. 

- Check out this oral history of the accent nail manicure and a more general history of nail art.  

- There's also a must-read article on the history of black lipstick.  Funny story: Arabelle actually contacted me a little while ago to see if I had any leads on this topic!  I was so flattered.  Alas, I couldn't help - I explained that in 2013 I started working on a special exhibition with the working title of Black Magic:  A History of Black Lipstick and Nail Polish, only to essentially abandon it when I couldn't find much info, at least not online. 

- Going further back in history, Two Nerdy History Girls reposts a two-part article on 18th-century hair styles and how they were achieved, while Beautiful with Brains shares a 19th-century guide to growing longer eyelashes.

- I was relieved to see that the new practice of microwaving off your armpit hair, does not, in fact, involve a traditional microwave.

- Oof, Sephora messed up again (epically, you might say) and people are pissed.  But there were some nuanced, balanced responses over at Swatch & Learn and Cafe Makeup.

The random:

- Rolling Stone interviewed Kathleen Hanna on the recently reissue of Revolution Girl Style Now.  *happy sigh*

- In other '90s news, Garbage's self-titled debut album turned 20, Alanis Morissette is releasing a deluxe edition of Jagged Little Pill to celebrate its 20th anniversary, and there's finally an update on the long-awaited Ab Fab movie.

- The number of visitors to the Met's recent China: Through the Looking Glass exhibition has surpassed the previous visitor record held by the McQueen exhibitionRelated:  "The bottom line is that however much we love to look at art, everyone gets dressed in the morning." 

- More pumpkin spice madness.

How have you been?


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