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Curator's Corner, 7/12/2015

CC logoLinks from the past 2 weeks.

- I suppose this is as good a use for fake nails as any.

- "You’d look so much prettier without all that douchebag."  Yeah, it's a must-read.  I also loved this very truthful piece on beauty writing.

- R.I.P., Burt Shavitz.

- Yahoo Beauty had a plethora of brief beauty history articles, including one on brow trends, cold cream in the U.S., and the evolution of temporary tattoos

- OPI's Avojuice line gets a lovely packaging makeover.

- Contouring your face is so January 2015.  Try butt and boob contouring instead.  Actually, forget contouring altogether.  Baking and strobing are where it's at.  (Is the latter really any different than highlighting?) 

- Another trend apparently is burning off your hair's split ends with a candle.  Rather than risk setting both my head and my house on fire I think I'd try a trim and a good deep conditioner first.

- Tanning in the name of beauty is bad, but what's even worse is getting a sunburn in the name of art.

- MAC is opening their very own makeup salon. I'm curious to see how this will be different than getting makeup application at a regular store. 

- Seriously?

The random:

- Your '90s roundup:  an interesting take on Fiona Apple's "Criminal", a crash course in '90s trends, a list of what we were afraid of during the decade, and an article on the Beanie Babies craze.  Also check out this Kickstarter.

- The fall 2015 couture collections debuted this week, with Viktor & Rolf taking the "fashion as art" theme rather literally.

- We're sending art to the moon!

- Some good exhibitions are out now, including "Fashioning the Body:  An Intimate History of the Silhouette" at Bard Graduate Center in NYC and a great retrospective of Yves Saint Laurent at the Bowes Museum.

- Remember, you don't have to live with ugly art in your city!  (I'm thinking of starting a similar campaign here to take down the abomination by Penn Station - I don't care how much love that thing gets, it's still hideous.) 

- In keeping with this year's summer exhibition theme, here's a video of glowing coral deep in the Red Sea.

How have you been?

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