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New MM staff member: Dr. McCoy (a.k.a. Dr. McCook)

I'm so not a Trekkie but this little guy was way too adorable to pass up.  Please say hello to Dr. McCoy! (I call him Dr. McCook - our Babos shorten "cookie" sometimes to just "cook").  He arrived back in early March but I'm just getting around to taking his staff photo now.

Babo as Dr. McCoy

If you're unfamiliar with Star Trek, as I am, here's a good compilation of Dr. McCoy.  Seems kinda uptight, no?  I find his personality incongruous with that of a happy-go-lucky, very affectionate Babster, but whatever.

I'm not sure what he should do at the Museum.  Maybe work in Visitor Services with Space Babo, since they're naturally best buddies.  :)

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