Friday Fun: heady times in beauty ads
Curator's Corner, 4/5/2015 (plus a Roman holiday)

Meet Paul & Joe's menagerie

According to the very short product descriptions at their website, Paul & Joe's spring 2015 Ménagerie collection was inspired by childhood trips to the zoo.  (I do wish they would bring back the little blurbs that fully described the collection's theme!)  The prints on the outer packaging are spot-on, as usual.  Of course there are the requisite cats, but also more exotic animals that you'd see at a zoo - giraffes, monkeys, tigers, zebras and flamingos all make an appearance as well. 

Paul & Joe spring 2015 lipstick cases 025, 026, 027

I adore all the prints, but I'm still a little iffy on the design on the inside of the face and eye colors.  Paul & Joe is well-known for playful designs and this collection in particular was inspired by childhood memories of zoo outings, but I think these go a little too juvenile.  The, puffy, cartoonish animals peering out look like a print you'd hang in a baby's nursery.  I applaud them for trying something different instead of the chrysanthemum emblem that's usually imprinted on Paul & Joe powders, but I wasn't crazy about it.  Still, I enjoyed the variety of prints on the outer packaging and that's what's most important from a display standpoint.  ;)

Paul & Joe spring 2015 face and eye colors 094, 095, 096

There was a code at for this free bag with cute.

Paul and Joe spring 2015 bag

The prints on the lipstick cases were taken from the Paul & Joe spring 2015 fashion collections. 

Paul & Joe spring 2015

Paul & Joe spring 2015

Paul & Joe spring 2015
(images from

Overall, the collection did not disappoint.  It wasn't my favorite but it was a good solid effort, and I liked that, as in previous collections, there was a good mix of existing designs (for the lipstick cases) and completely original ones (on the color powders).  I have to say that I'm even more excited for another part of the collection that's just hitting Beautyhabit now, so stay tuned for a special post on that!

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