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Curator's Corner, 4/26/2015

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- Where are they now?  Late '90s/early 2000s beauty trends, that is.  The Hairpin finds out

- Rouge 18 shares a 2,000 year old Roman face cream.  Here's the story behind it

- Glad someone decided to parody that ridiculous Dove ad I mentioned in last week's Curator's Corner.

New York's MTA needs to STFU.

- Here's a makeup artist recreating album art on her face.  Other cool beauty stuff is this very elaborate and animated (!) nail art.

- Selena fans, rejoice:  a new MAC lipstick may be released in the pop singer's honor. 

- New cosmetics legislation has been introduced with the intent of giving the FDA to have some authority over the industry.   

- The makeup-applying robot was kind of a bust but this new shampoo robot might have some promise. 

- Ylang ylang, a key ingredient in Chanel's No. 5 perfume is quickly becoming scarce.  Don't fret though!  While it doesn't contain ylang ylang, Chanel's new Misia fragrance has something even better: what they're calling a "lipstick accord".  Perfume that smells like makeup?  I'm in. 

- I don't know about you, but between the new huge LUSH flagship store opening and Fortnum and Mason revamping their beauty department, I'm about to hop a plane to London.  (And I still want to see the McQueen makeup exhibition!)

- Ramen or sake?  No, I'm not offering you Japanese cuisine, but rather the latest spa treatments there:  A ramen noodle bath and a sake soak.

The random:

- This post reminded me that the Makeup Museum site could use a refresh. And by "could use" I mean "desperately needs" a makeover.  But I have no idea even where to start.

- I am not running at the moment (still, ugh!!) but I was still mentally cheering on those who ran the Boston marathon earlier this week.  Here's the history behind the first woman to force her way in.

- In '90s nostalgia, Friday turns 20.  Bye, Felicia.

- Awful confession time:  on a whim the husband and I decided to give Mike Tyson Mysteries on Adult Swim a go's hilarious.  I KNOW.  The man is a convicted rapist.  I shouldn't be watching the show in the first place, let alone find it funny.  *turns in feminist card*  Just needed to get that off my chest, not endorsing the show in any way.

- Happy 4/20.

How was your week?

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