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Curator's Corner, 4/19/2015

CC logoMany, many links from the past two weeks. 

- If you're in Charlotte, NC I strongly encourage you to visit the Body Embellishment exhibition that opened last week at the Mint Museum.

- I have to say that beauty advertising has been getting on my nerves lately.  While this French commercial for Garnier warning women that they can look older in a matter of hours and Dove's latest campaign encouraging women to walk through entryways marked "beautiful" and "average" seem to have little in common on the surface, they're both equally obnoxious.  Plus, a beauty writer resigned over a (spot-on) critique of the Dove ad.  Let's just go back to ads that feature pretty products artfully arranged, shall we?  (As a side note, I really wish I had been one of the women in the Dove ad - just to f*ck with them I would have asked where the "ugly" entrance was.)

- R.I.P., Dr. Brandt. :( 

- Please don't bathe in pig's blood to preserve your skin's youth. 

- In less gross wacky beauty ideas, there's a new Japanese collagen-infused beer, a makeup-applying (badly) robot, a perfume that actually helps you smell better as you sweat, plus NARS is offering a chance to win their newest goodies from a virtual, futuristic piñata of sorts

- Who's never had their mascara smudge or lipstick smear after a long night?  Disney princesses, that's who. But if you want to know what they'd look like with slightly disheveled makeup, this illustrator's latest project is right up your alley.

- A very scary reminder to always wash your makeup brushes and don't use anyone else's without washing them first!

- "'That lipstick started to give them back their humanity.'" In honor of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp this week, Autumn at The Beheld writes a moving piece based on an excerpt from one soldier's account of the evacuation.

- Beautiful with Brains gives us a few centuries-old recipes for blush, while XO Vain recaps the most popular nail shapes throughout history.

Aerin Beauty released a lipstick duo inspired by one of Gustav Klimt's most well-known portraits in conjunction with an exhibition focused on the history of the artwork at Neue Gallery.  (The exhibition opened a day after new film Woman in Gold premiered, which also tells the history of the painting.) It's not unexpected, however: it was Ronald Lauder that founded the Neue Gallery in 2001 and donated the Klimt piece 5 years later.  All in the family, as they say.

- The Cut interviews the founders of Fantastic Man magazine, who explored the idea of men wearing makeup in their latest issue.  Yes, it actually includes spreads of made-up dudes sporting blue eye shadow and full-on lipstick skillfully applied by Dior's Peter Phillips.

- What does black eyeliner mean to you?

- Enjoy some beauty haikus.

The random:

- April 9th marked the first Riot Grrrl Day in Boston. Let's make it a national holiday!!

- Speaking of national holidays, in honor of National Equal Pay Day, a pop-up store in Pittsburgh is charging women 76% of the retail price of items, while men are charged the full price.  I think this is a genius way to call attention to the wage gap (yes, it still exists!)

- More praise for Sleater-Kinney

- As someone who follows 1,180 blogs and counting, I definitely believe I suffer from binge reading disorder. (via This Is Glamourous)

- Let them eat cake. ("Them" being people you hate.)

How have you you been? 

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