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Curator's Corner, 3/22/2015

CC logoLinks from the past few weeks, plus a personal update.

- Marie Claire provides a history of eyelash trends, while Into the Gloss highlights the anti-aging treatments of some of the most powerful women in history.

 - A beauty whodunnit:  someone stole 400 (!) bottles of nail polish from a Brooklyn salon.  What could possibly be the motivation for that?  Used nail polish is not worth much.

- I'm betting this new burger-scented cologne is an elaborate April Fool's joke by Burger least, I really hope it is.

- As someone who hates needles I can't see myself  jumping on the beauty IV bandwagon anytime soon.

- This post is a few weeks old but I'm still laughing - check out this ridiculous '70s makeup protector.  On a similar note, Gio at Beautiful with Brains tells us that the use of fire screens to prevent makeup from melting is purely a myth

- Which skincare treatment would you try:  a breast milk facial, foreskin cells, or a placenta mask?  None of the above for me, thanks.

- In creepy-cool news, a company in Japan is working on 3D printing of human tissue.  Besides the obvious medical applications, 3D printing of human tissue could make animal testing for cosmetics obsolete. 

- Speaking of Japan, the latest beauty craze there is, in my opinion, even more unappealing than the "no makeup" look.  Then again, every time I attempt a more natural look I appear ill, so this new trend wouldn't be too much of a stretch for some of us.

- For you perfume junkies, Harrod's is launching a "fragrance garden" at the Royal Horticultural Chelsea Society Flower Show.  

- Reviews:  A while ago I vowed to include links to reviews of new products in every Curator's Corner, since that's what brings in the most blog traffic (sadly, not a lot of people come here to read the actual museum-y content).  I've come to the realization that this is an exercise in futility.  I will still attempt to include reviews, but certainly not on a regular basis.

The random:

- Watch Sleater-Kinney talk about feminism with SNL's Vanessa Bayer (a.k.a. media coach Janessa Slater).  Hilarious.  Also, Carrie Brownstein's memoir is due in October!

- Broad City's costume designer shares her favorite fashion moments from season 2.

- In things that make me feel old/'90s nostalgia, both Elastica's self-titled first album and Radiohead's The Bends both turned 20 on March 16th.

- Um, really?  Another Kickstarter project that began as a joke earned over $2,000 worth of financial support.  At least though they're putting the "museum" in their home, which is what I do - proof that I'm not completely insane.  And I have to admit it's a great topic, '90s nut that I am.

- More and more museums are prohibiting selfie sticks.  I covered the topic of museum photography previously and I'm still on the side of allowing photography, but I definitely would ban selfie sticks.

- This story made me tear up.

- And finally, a personal update:  As you can tell from the sporadic posting I'm still not feeling great.  The complete lack of any cardio activity has taken a severe toll on both my physical and mental well-being.  Physical therapy has been a nightmare in that I can't seem to find a practice that both takes my insurance and is a good fit for me, so I'm making no headway in getting this injury healed for good, and I'm bound to miss the same races I did last year.  The eye inflammation also refuses to budge despite 4 rounds of various prescription drops, and it looks like I'm going to have to stop using my precious Latisse since the doctor seems to think that's the cause of the reaction rather than my contacts.  In the meantime I still can't wear my contacts regularly due to the chronic irritation which is also driving me insane.  And I'm not looking forward to having to deal with wearing mascara every day now, which is what's going to happen upon ceasing usage of Latisse.  As I said before, I'm grateful none of these things are fatal but I've been dealing with them for the better part of a year, and I'm SICK of it. I'm just so defeated and fed up with everything I'm not even excited for spring, or the trip to Rome the husband and I have coming up in a few days.  :(

Anyway, if you made it this far, thank you.  I'm off to get some cheese to go with my whine.

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