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Brrr! Chantecaille's wintry spring palette

I have no idea why Chantecaille would release a glacier-themed palette for spring, but I guess it's appropriate given that we're still getting snow in early March.  Ugh!  I also was not thrilled with the design.  While it's worthy of my collection, I still feel like Chantecaille could have done so much more.  I would have loved to see a jaw-droppingly detailed alpine scene captured in a highlighting/eye shadow powder, similar to these but in a shimmery white, silver, blue and taupe color scheme.  Anyway, it's the usual spiel - you buy the palette and Chantecaille donates 5% of the proceeds to a charity.  This time the money will go to the Extreme Ice Survey.  (The name makes me think of a certain faux energy's not a regular ice survey, it's an EXTREEEEEEEME ice survey!  To the MAAAXXXX!)

I enlisted the help of Makeup Museum staff member Ugly Yeti to showcase this eye shadow trio - as you can imagine, he was quite fond of it since it reminds him of his natural habitat. 


Chantecaille Glacier eye shade trio - spring 2015

The big guy wanted to make sure you saw the pretty, shimmery mountains on the inside of the palette.

Ugly Yeti with Chantecaille

Chantecaille Glacier eye shade trio - spring 2015

Chantecaille's website has some breathtaking photos of glaciers, but if you want more there's also an exhibition of photos and paintings entitled "Vanishing Ice:  Alpine and Polar Landscapes in Art, 1775-2012" at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection currently.

What do you think of this trio?  I'm off to make some hot chocolate for Ugly much as he loves the snow, I think he likes my homemade hot chocolate even more.  :)

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