Color Connection #28
Couture Monday: with love from Yves Saint Laurent

Curator's Corner, 2/15/2015

CC logoSigh. As you might have guessed I'm not still not feeling great.  I'm hoping come spring both of the health issues I've been dealing with since last summer will be solved and I'll be posting more regularly, but for now I'm still just trying to keep my head above water.  Anyway, here are some links.

- Some very big and sad beauty news:  Bonne Bell is closing its doors.  It has been bought by another company so it's not completely disappearing, but I'd guess that their legendary Lip Smackers formula will never be the same. 

- There are so many effective, affordable acne treatments available that don't involve bodily waste, so why someone would put urine on their face to clear up pimples is beyond me.  

- The no-makeup look started as a charity campaign, so I'm wondering if a new trend of smeared lipstick will be taking over as a result of this "smear for smear" effort.  

- Christian Louboutin opens his first nail polish boutique in Paris and it is every bit as gorgeous as you'd imagine.

- It's nice that some airlines are trying to make flights as soothing as possible for their passengers by infusing the cabin with a custom lavender-chamomile scent, but I must say that no amount of air freshener is going to make the truly plane-phobic among us calm - Ativan is the way to go. 

- Valentine's Day is over, I know, but I had to mention these adorable makeup-shaped chocolates.

- No reviews this week - on top of everything else I'm dealing with I came down with a cold yesterday and have zero interest in trying to write coherent reviews while on cold medicine.  Meh.

The random:

- I got chills reading the setlists for Sleater-Kinney's recent shows...t-minus 10 days till I get to experience them live!!

- Speaking of women I worship, here's a great interview with another one of my idols.  And look!  Paper dolls of Abbi and Ilana.

- In art/fashion news, I enjoyed Viktor & Rolf's Van Gogh-inspired collection at Paris fashion week, along with a history of the ruff in paintings (via Art History News).

- In '90s nostalgia, here's a review of a new '90s art exhibition at the Montclair Museum of Art in NJ, an ode to Office Space, and a list of 20 movies turning 20 in 2015.

How are you doing?  Is it as cold where you are as it is here?  We're looking at single-digit temps for most of this week and I'm not happy about it! 

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