Curator's Corner, 1/4/2015
Holiday haul 2014

Group portrait: Dior

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The Makeup Museum - Dior palettes

Top row, left to right:  Mitzah, Impression Cuir, Garden Roses, Swimming Pool, Granville and Milly Garden clutches

Second row, left to right:  Poudrier Dentelle, Flower Blossom, Bonne Etoile, Rose Ballerine, Tailleur Bar, Golden Jungle, Voile de Neige

Third row, left to right:  Anselm Reyle, Garden Pastels, Atlantique, Pink Pompadour, Tailleur Bar (2012 edition), Gold Shock, Perle d'Or powder

Bottom row, left to right:  My Lady, Lady Dior, Les Tablettes de Bastet (Vincent Beaurin), Cristal Boreal pendant, Night Diamond

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