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Curator's Corner, 12/7/2014

CC logoLinks for the week.

- Legendary milliner Philip Treacy will be teaming up with MAC come spring.  I don't know about the products but the early promos look great.

- As if we needed more proof the '90s are back, Pantone named Marsala as its 2015 color of the year

- I was trying to find more information on the Artis brush line and came across this nifty little beauty timeline they have.  Want an even shorter history of makeup?  Check out this video showing 100 years of beauty in a mere 60 seconds.

- Australia finally got its first Sephora.

- According to a new UK study, a little over of half of women polled (54%) won't let their significant other see them without makeup until about a year into the relationship.  Yikes. 

- Glamour Daze shares a 1941 Life magazine feature on Helena Rubinstein, while XO Vain gives a brief overview of beauty during World War II in the U.S.

- The latest skincare trend from Korea:  red light therapy, a.k.a. "reverse tanning". 

- Product reviews for the week are for Armani Eyes to Kill shadows. I just now realized all the ones I own were limited edition and no longer available, so I'm not sure how helpful they are, but keep your eyes peeled for reviews of more recent Armani products.

The random:

- Makeup Museum staff is all aflutter upon hearing the news that Girl Scout cookies will be sold online. Better hide my credit cards.

- Wonders never cease:  My father, who is so Internet-illiterate he can't even use email, was of all people the one to inform me that Reddit would be hosting an AMA with Sleater-Kinney this past Tuesday.  (He read about it in his paper copy of Entertainment Weekly.  Thanks, Dad!)  The whole transcript is here and you can hear another one of their new songs here.  Oh, and they also were unsurprisingly awesome and funny on The Chris Gethard show.

- Mental Floss provides some little known facts about two of my favorite holiday movies, Elf and Christmas Vacation.

- In other holiday fun, Abbi and Ilana show you how to survive holiday parties.

How are you?  What was catching your eye this week?

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