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Curator's Corner, 12/21/2014

CC logoIt's been a really crappy couple of weeks and I'm just now finally caught up on the massive pile of posts I had planned.  At least the exhibition's up though, right? Anyway, here are some links.

- Racked goes deep into the world of discontinued beauty products

- For the lumbersexual in your life:  he can now take his holiday spirit to the next level with beard ornaments

- Very curious to see what the new director of Chanel Beauty has up her sleeve...hope she comes up with some great collectibles. 

- I've added yet another new beauty book to my wishlist.

- Always wanted dimples at the small of your back?  Well, now there's surgery for that. Maybe it's because I already have "dimples of Venus" since they occur naturally in some women but I'm seriously baffled that anyone would go under the knife to acquire them.  I don't judge anyone who chooses cosmetic surgery, of course, I just don't think these dimples are THAT special.

- An XO Vain staffer tests out a drawn-on hairline, the latest beauty trend from Korea.

- Here's a brief, illustrated history of nail polish.

- Madrid will be hosting a new exhibition on perfume, which is basically an update to the incredibly popular Art of Scent exhibition that took place at New York's Museum of Arts and Design in 2012.  Note to self: study Chandler Burr's career trajectory and figure out how to replicate it in the field of cosmetics.

The random:

- It has just come to my attention that a two-word phrase from the 1995 classic film Friday has become a meme over the past year or so, which I find endlessly hilarious since I love that movie.  Not only that, but VH1 has named a makeover show after it, and there's also a website called Bye Felipe for highlighting obnoxious guys in the world of online dating.

- Ah, the perfect gift for art handlers everywhere.

- Yes, Virginia, you CAN punch a Monet and not serve 6 years in jail for it.

- Cracking up at these kids' letters to Santa.

- Those who celebrate Hanukkah, rejoice:  there's now a Jewish version of the Elf on the Shelf

How have you been?  If you celebrate Christmas, is all your shopping done?

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