Color Connection #27
Curator's Corner, 11/16/2014

Quick post: Whoooo wants to see a rare Paul & Joe color powder?

I'll get to Paul & Joe's adorable owl-themed holiday offering in a little bit, but for now I wanted to share my E-bay find of one of their color powders from the fall 2005 collection.  Chaussons de Dance (040) features a pair of owls perched on a tree limb against a pastel purple background.

Paul & Joe color powder

Of course, I managed to stick my nail in the powder while taking the lid off, which explains the nick in the lower left.

Paul & Joe color powder

I was so sad I couldn't find any images from Paul & Joe's fall 2005 fashion collection - I would have loved to see if the owls made an appearance.  If anyone can find them do let me know!

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