Curator's Corner, 11/2/2014
Book review: Beauty and Cosmetics, 1550-1950

Holiday sneak peek!

I realized that all the posts I had lined up for this week were about older beauty products, so I figured I'd throw in just one new item.  This beautiful Glittering Stars powder compact from Estée Lauder will be one of the items in the holiday exhibition.  :)

For $55 you get a lot of luxury.  It comes in a gold box (which I failed to take a picture of, oops) and a blue velvet case with accompanying pouch.

Estée Lauder Glittering Stars compact with box

The pattern is a scattering of stars in varying sizes.  I like that only some have rhinestones in the center.  Even with Swarovski crystals, which many consider to be fancier than generic rhinestones, a design can get really tacky really quick.  Estée Lauder kept the bling to a minimum, letting the star pattern and gold case take the spotlight but still maintaining just the right amount of sparkle.  Along those lines, Estée Lauder was wise to keep the color scheme and star shapes simple as well.  The monochromatic gold case and clear rhinestones instead of multicolored ones, along with the vaguely retro outlines of the stars, prevent the pattern from being something you'd see on a pair of children's pajamas.

Estée Lauder Glittering Stars compact

Estée Lauder Glittering Stars compact

As with the Zodiac compacts, I adore the rhinestone clasp.

Estée Lauder Glittering Stars compact clasp

A shiny gilded puff is the perfect complement to the rest of the compact.

Estée Lauder Glittering Stars compact puff

And so you know it's a true collector's piece, the company's name and compact release date are inscribed on the side. 

Estée Lauder Glittering Stars compact detail

I've always been interested in collecting Estée Lauder compacts but my money seems to end up elsewhere.  This one, however, was too perfect for the holiday exhibition theme for me to pass up. ;)  Plus, like the compact that resulted from Bobbi Brown's collaboration with jewelry designer Lulu Frost last year, this one is a nice mix of modern elegance and vintage-esque luxury. 

Are you as enthralled with this compact as I am?

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