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Curator's Corner, 11/30/2014

CC logoLinks for the week. 

- The latest totally imaginary beauty "problem" dreamed up by the industry:  tech neck.  SMH.

- Less offensive is the trend of dyeing one's armpit hair. Bizarre but fun, I guess?

 -  The "vajacial" is making the rounds again.  I mentioned this trend late last year but apparently it goes back at least as far as 2010.

- While we're on the subject of one's nether regions, the Beauty Brains tackles pubic hair transplants.

- Olivia at The Unknown Beauty Blog shares some helpful guidelines on how to purge your makeup stash.  I definitely need to take her advice and clear out the stuff that's gone bad or that I never wear. 

- According to this infographic on men's grooming, the U.S. is the world leader in the amount of new grooming products released in the past 2 years. 

- Gio at Beautiful with Brains has an important post on why some "fitspo" is unhealthy.    Amen!

- Reviews for the week were supposed to be for YSL gel liners.  I went to upload pictures to the page and...I had already reviewed them.  Duh.  It's too late to take pictures of some other product since it's dark out, so new product reviews will be back next week (I'll make sure I haven't already reviewed them and totally forgot.)

The random:

- I'm planning a trip to Rome in March and I sure as hell don't have any plans to carve my initials into the Colosseum, as this clueless tourist did.  I just don't understand some people.

- In addition to the Pee Wee Herman movie, there's also a blog being launched

- As for Thanksgiving, my plan was to stay up to buy those Tom Ford mini lipsticks I had been hankering after, but I was way too tired to get in front of the computer at midnight after spending all day and part of the night before making the following 6 desserts (plus a huge vat of mashed potatoes):  Two-layer gingerbread cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting, Dutch apple pie, double chocolate caramel cookies made using these chips my dad gave me last weekend to experiment with, vanilla ice cream (for pie a la mode, of course), pumpkin pie bites and pumpkin cheesecake.  Here's a terrible photo:

Thanksgiving desserts

The desserts look extremely unappetizing but I assure you everything was pretty damn tasty!  And my apple pie wasn't all watery like last year so I was pleased to have redeemed myself. 

How was your Thanksgiving and/or Black Friday shopping?  Are you ready for Cyber Monday?

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