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Curator's Corner, 10/4/2014

CC logoSome links from the past two weeks. 

- Woot! The TSA will be clearing people to fly with as many beauty products as they want, none of this "nothing over 3 oz." nonsense anymore.  I wonder if I can get my non-liquid items through security too. 

- Beautiful with Brains covers 5 cosmetic oils used throughout history.

- Refinery29 tests out a $155 ice cube for your face.  You could probably just DIY this, methinks.

- The so-called "nipple meridian" can tell you how close (or, sadly, far) your boobs are to perfection. While initially I didn't like the idea of such a thing being quantifiable, the measure was developed by a plastic surgeon to help guide him and fellow surgeons in performing breast augmentations, not to define yet another impossible standard for women. 

- Byrdie presents 11 fun facts about nail polish you may not have known. 

- An awesome new-to-me Tumblr: Heck Yeah Vintage Powder Compacts!

- Some sad news:  one of my very favorite bath and body etailers, Bathed and Infused, has closed after 9 years.  I bought backups of my staple scents but once those run out I have no idea what I'm going to do - not only were they unique, they were the only ones that worked with my wonky chemistry.

- Ugh, do we really need this new makeup line by Tyra Banks?  I don't mind if it's coming from a makeup artist or fashion house, or if it's a one-off collaboration with a brand, but people who have no business getting into beauty need to stop flooding the market with crap like this (I'm looking at you, One Direction. Also fragrances from the likes of Pharrell, Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Katy Perry et al. Stop it already.)

- An article at The Cut tries to explain why minimal makeup is the top trend these days.

The random:

- In honor of the season premiere of Bob's Burgers tomorrow, here's a remix capturing the best of Tina Belcher.

- Can you believe the ultimate ode to fall turns 5 this year?!  (I've linked to it a few times before, I know, but I can't do a Curator's Corner in October without it!)

- I have quite the love/hate relationship with Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld. The stunt at his latest show puts me on the hate side again.  Fortunately this fashion week-related video courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel took the edge off.  Hilarious.

- Neatorama shares what goes on behind the scenes at a doll hospital.  These hospitals can also fix plushies too, just FYI.  ;)

- Well, this sounds terrible.  On the other hand, this exhibition on depictions of witches from the 1400s through the 1900s sounds amazing.

- I kinda can't believe my prison high school made national news.  I hated it for a number of reasons, most of which involving the fact that it was essentially run like a jail, but the racist mascot (identical to a certain football team, which is also getting lots of press) really put the cherry on top.  I'm glad to see the students now are taking a stand against it, something I never had the courage to do as much as it bothered and embarrassed me, but I'm sad to see the administration is still as backwards and awful as it was when I was there so many years ago.

- So as not to leave on a down note, the Wizard of Oz collection is available at the Uglydoll website and I have the Cowardly Lion Babster on the way!!

What's been catching your eye as of late?

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