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Curator's Corner, 10/12/2014

CC logoThis week's links. 

- The Dieline covers a limited edition bottle of Kiehl's Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion, adorned with photos by Andy Warhol photographer Christopher Makos (Warhol was a fan of the product). 

- Via MakeupAlley's makeup board, here's a link to a fabulous paper on the history of lipstick regulation

- Ooh, there's a new reality TV competition for nail art.  Will you be tuning in? 

- In other nail news, Louboutin releases a nail art pen specifically meant to give your digits the red sole treatment.

- Gio at Beautiful with Brains weighs on the merits of glass packaging for beauty products.

- Jezebel reports on the world's most expensive perfume, ringing up at a whopping $228,000 at Harrod's, while their sister site Gizmodo discusses a $4,000 (!) toothbrush.

- Glamour Daze takes us back in time to 1947 and into the Tangee lipstick factory.

- A very talented makeup artist transforms himself into a variety of female celebrities.

- Jane at British Beauty Blogger brings us some spook-tacular coffin-shaped palettes for Halloween.

The random:

- An exhibition displaying Helena Rubinstein's personal art collection is at the Jewish Museum in NY.

- 40,000 year-old cave paintings were found in Indonesia, proving that the earliest cave paintings did not solely exist in Western Europe.

- Deep fried pumpkin spice latte?  Yes please! 

- Carve your Halloween pumpkin the Grumpy Cat way.

- Legendary '90s TV series Twin Peaks will be back in 2016! To help you get ready for its return, here's a slideshow of all 117 sweaters seen on the show.

What's been up with you this week?

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