Curator's Corner, 10/4/2014
Fall Film Fest: Paul & Joe Cinema collection

Couture Monday: Armani Fall 2014

I was initially tempted to get this palette for the Museum, but soon decided against it.  In terms of color, Armani's Organica eye shadow palette is the embodiment of the "Fade to Grey" fall 2014 fashion collection.

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The color scheme was grey with touches of green, with subdued makeup (save for the strong brows).


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Linda Cantello, International Makeup Artist for Armani, notes that "[Armani] didn't want a very strong makeup statement for this show...he wanted the brows to be very strong but not overtaking the complete look.  So basically, it's like a makeup that's faded."  She adds, "I believe the best and the most flattering makeup is makeup that you cannot see.  It’s more striking when it has that slight ‘lived-in’ look. Eyes with muted colour, an Armani look with stronger eyebrows, grey eyes and a soft mouth. It is all easy to apply and anyone can wear it.”  I thought this look worked very well with the clothes that came down the runway.  It's not easy to figure out a cohesive beauty look that goes with grey and green.



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While I was pleased to see that the palette's colors were an excellent complement to the fashion show, the pattern stopped me from buying it.  What is it supposed to be?  Perhaps some variation of a leopard or crocodile print, but neither of those made an appearance in the clothing.  To my eye, the shapes look a little like keyhole limpet shells.

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Indeed, Jane at British Beauty Blogger called the design a "kind of ombred barnicle".  There is something biological or sea creature-like about it, which would be somewhat appropriate given that the palette is named Organica.  But without any direct reference to the fall show nor a clearly depicted leopard or other animal pattern, I had to skip purchasing it.  From a collecting standpoint it didn't meet my criteria.  However, the colors are gorgeous and I could definitely see myself using it if I wore lots of muted greys and beiges (you learned last week I'm not a huge fan of neutrals). 

What do you think of this palette overall and what do you think the pattern is supposed to be?

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