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Curator's Corner, 8/24/2014

Quick post: more déjà vu with Helena Rubinstein

I was doing some research on vintage Helena Rubinstein for an inquiry (more on that later) and came across this 1953 ad for Rubinstein's Stay Long Lipstick in special jeweled cases.  Here's a snippet in case you don't feel like clicking to enlarge:  "Madame Rubinstein wasn't content with just having the gem of all lipsticks - now she also gives STAY-LONG a gem of a case!  Cases that are masterpieces of costume jewelry - slim, golden columns crowned with a simulated but fabulous ruby, emerald, coral, turquoise, topaz or sapphire."

(image from

I managed to find an actual case on Etsy (too bad it's sold.)




Do these lipsticks remind you of anything?  Say, perhaps, Dolce & Gabbana's holiday 2013 Sicilian Jewels collection?



These are proof that for all the packaging innovation the beauty industry has produced over the years, there are still some cosmetic designs that are always appealing.   Faux-jewel encrusted lipstick cases will always make the one using them feel fancy, no?

Do you prefer Helena Rubinstein's rounded gemstone cases or D & G's more modern take?  I honestly can't choose a favorite!

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