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Quick post: Advertising déjà vu with NARS

I came across this promo image for new NARS nail polish line and couldn't take my eyes off it.  A variety of beautiful colors languidly streaming downwards...where have I seen this before?

(image from product-girl.com)

Aha!  I remember being struck by this ad for German brand Uslu Airlines way back in 2010:


In turn, both of these ads remind me of the work of Morris Louis, whom I discussed in my post on the Uslu Airlines ad.  So I won't rehash it here - I'll just give a quick refresher so you can see for yourself.  The new NARS ad has a similar approach to the 1960 painting Where by Louis, although the latter has slightly more subdued, desaturated shades, and the stripes of color aren't quite nestled right against each other.


The drips at the ends also are reminiscent of this untitled work by Louis:

(images from wikiart.org)

There is just something so appealing about seeing beauty products presented in a high-art fashion. Or am I the only one who drools over more artsy ads?  Tell me what you think.

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