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Curator's Corner, 8/24/2014

CC LogoThis week's links. 

- Think today's beauty ads are offensive?  Check out this roundup of vintage ones that will truly make you want to crawl into a hole and never come out. 

- Autumn at the Beheld posted an excellent piece on the true value of bargain beauty vs. prestige products

- I got a kick out of these weird lip/chin makeup paintings.

- Nail polish sales continue to decline...my personal opinion is that they've been overtaken by lip and brow products. 

- I'm glad more and more companies are getting rid of phthalates in products, as evidence keeps surfacing that they can lead to hormone imbalances.  Plus, LUSH has unveiled a series of self-preserving products so no harmful preservatives will be added.  But maybe soon we won't even have to worry about ingredients once we can apply makeup electronically.

- If this woman thinks that's what makeup hoarding looks like, she'd probably have a heart attack if she saw my makeup closet.  I have, uh, considerably more products.

The random:

- I'm both skeptical of and really excited about this new technology that may make it possible for the nearly-blind among us (like me) to see a computer screen without glasses/contacts. 

- While I love chocolate, the idea of having a bathroom made out of it is kinda gross to me. 

- I love this.  Reminds me a little of Color Connections but with fashion. 

- 7:35am, 1872:  scientists have pinpointed this date and time as the exact moment Impressionism was born

- One of the ways I'm gearing up for MAC's Marge Simpson collection is watching the Simpsons marathon on FXX.  Here are 10 tips to further enhance your viewing experience

What have you been up to?  Anyone else tuning in to the Simpsons?

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