Color Connection #26
Couture Monday: a new wave from Lancôme

Curator's Corner, 8/17/2014

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Shark Week is over, but you should still check out these amazing shark-inspired makeup looks

- September 9th is shaping up to be an important date.  Not only is the killer mermaid movie I've been dying to see since February finally coming out, a new book featuring MAC ads will be released as well. 

- This $1.3 million manicure makes Louboutin's $50 nail polish seem like a bargain.

- Did you know that one of YSL's Touche Eclat highlighting pens is sold every 10 seconds?  Neither did I.  For more cool stats check out this post at

- The Beauty Plus explores rhytiphobia, a.k.a. a fear of wrinkles. 

- I'm intrigued by the online salon booking system Allure is launching.

- Snail slime facials were kinda yucky, but this bird poop one takes the gross cake.

- Don't try this at home (or, like, ever.)  Beautiful with Brains shares an old recipe for lead face powder

The random:

- Worn Through examines whether handling museum objects with gloves is really necessary.  For me personally I find they do help cut way down on fingerprints left on my collectible palettes, but they also make them a little more difficult to handle.

- The National Gallery in London removes its photography ban, hooray!  Read a collection of reactions here.  And congrats are in order for Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum, which welcomed its millionth visitor this year.

- Loved this underwater crocheted mermaids and divers project.  I also enjoyed this roundup of depictions of dolphins in ancient art and this new-to-me hilarious Tumblr.

- In things-that-make-me-feel-old news, internet shopping turned 20 this week.

- It's a little soon for me but I'm still super excited to see that Starbucks Pumpkin Spice lattes will be back earlier than usual.

What's been catching your eye this week?

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