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Curator's Corner, 8/10/2014

CC logoLinks for the week. 

- The Onion does it again with this faux Maybelline ad for the "ideal woman" rubber face mask. (via Jezebel)

- Here's a fascinating video of men's reactions to wearing makeup for the first time. 

- $50 for Louboutin nail polish is nothing compared to Givenchy's $300 crocodile-encased lipstick, which will go on sale for the holiday season in October.

- Kinda gross but at least it's sustainable:  sunscreen made from cod fish bones.  BellaSugar rounds up a few more weird beauty ingredients.  Who wants to try kale nail polish?

- Urban Decay is opening its first stand-alone California (not NYC, as I had assumed when I saw the headline!)  

The random:

- Things that annoy me, along the same lines as last week's Curator's Corner:  what's up with all the toilet exhibitions?  I can't get any funding or even interest for beauty-related exhibitions but people will flock to see chamber pots or slide down an oversized toilet.  The mind boggles.

- Nevertheless, I will say I'd rather have people take their children to exhibitions even if I don't find them worthy.  This artist claims that taking kids to museums is a waste of time, as "children are not human yet."  Ugh.

- Need another Pulp Fiction fix?  Check out this awesome interview with the film's costume designer.  I'm learning more Pulp Fiction trivia every day! 

- Not sure how I feel about this possible Miley Cyrus/Kathleen Hanna collab.  I do know, however, that I'm elated to finally get new music from Self

What's happening with you?

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