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I scream, you scream, we all scream for (Stila) ice cream!

I find it extremely hard to believe that Stila is turning 20 years old!  I mean I know it's the truth as I wrote a post on '90s beauty some time ago, but wow!  I'd love to do a brand retrospective blog post and/or exhibition but that will have to be for another time.  Right now, I'm going to talk about the Ice Cream collection*, a lineup of eye shadow trios and blush duos (oh how I love the return to the old round packaging!) that Stila released in honor of their 20-year milestone.  Alas, there's nary a Stila girl to be found, but there are some ridiculously cute illustrations of sweet frozen treats.  They're fun and girly without being childish.


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The collection does not appear to be available in the U.S., at least not yet.  I clicked on this link for the U.S. Asos site for the eye shadow trios and in tiny letters beneath the product description, it says that this item does not ship to Australia or the U.S.  Then why, pray tell, is it listed at the U.S. side of the Asos site?!  Sigh. 

On one hand I think the collection is worth tracking down through other means since it commemorates an important anniversary for one of my favorite brands, and I adore the old round cardboard packaging.  On the other hand, there are no Stila girls involved, which frankly baffles me.  Those girls helped make the brand a success in its early stages and should have been used for such a momentous occasion.   Stila, if you're still in business in another 10 years, let ME handle the design of a limited edition collection for your 30th anniversary.  I guarantee it would be a smashing success as I know what Stila fans want.

What do you think of the collection?  And what are your favorite Stila products/packaging/memories of the brand?

*Thanks to British Beauty Blogger for the heads up on this collection!

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