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Behind the scenes at the Makeup Museum, part 2

Curator's Corner, 7/6/2014

CC LogoDid everyone have a nice 4th of July weekend?  I did!  Here are this week's links.

- MAC will be teaming up with designer Prabal Gurung for a special holiday collection.  I hope the packaging is spectacular. 

- Refinery29 brings us one beauty junkie's plea to stop judging her for using chemical-laden products. 

- In an unsurprising effort to get men to use more products, Neutrogena launched a "junkface" campaign urging men to use a dedicated face wash rather than the same bar soap for the rest of the body (including their "junk".)  The accompanying infographic is hilarious, make sure you check it out!

- Eyebrow makeup sales are booming:  they increased a whopping 28% in the past year, compared to only a 3% increase in overall prestige cosmetics.  I'm not sure whether it's really the "Cara Delevingne effect" or whether companies are simply introducing more brow products, but either way brows are definitely on the beauty radar of many women.

- My own experience with Botox was less than stellar and I decided I wouldn't get it again, but some new evidence shows it can help cure depression.  Maybe I should reconsider?

- Finally, in the truly absurd new beauty/health product category, we have the Kgoal Activity Tracker, which, as you might have guessed, helps women to "exercise their pelvic floor muscles correctly".  Do we really need this?!

The random:

- The Center for the Future of Museums discusses a MOOC (massively open online course) being offered through Harvard on "Tangible Things", i.e. the study of material culture and how items can become centers for interdisplinary study.  Wish I could take it!

- Here's a warm welcome to art history joining the 21st century in this piece on how Instagram can be used in art history courses

- A macabre new show that examines the history of funeral wear will be opening at the Met.  Since I am rather morbid at times I'd like to see it.

- I plan on downloading this Curator app, which has just been redesigned.  Sounds pretty neat.

- Finally, who's watching the first part of The '90s:  The Last Great Decade? tonight on National Geographic?  I will fall asleep well before it's over but it's a must-see for this '90s woman...been salivating for it since April.

What have you been up to this week?

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