Makeup as Muse: Susan Merrick
Curator's Corner, 6/29/2014

Paul & Joe sell (leggy) seashells by the seashore

I didn't think Paul & Joe could top their delightful yellow and grey dolphin printed blotting sheets from last summer, but their latest offering proved me wrong.  How adorable are these multicolored shells sporting shapely legs?!  



This print is so quirky and fun I was hoping to see it on some of the summer collection items, and Paul & Joe delivered.  I'd be happy to have either of these two tops in my summer wardrobe, although I am partial to the yellow shell.  I especially love the contrasting print on the sleeves.



I love how it's styled here but I would also totally wear this with white skinny jeans and flat sandals.


The shells also made their way into a anemone-laden under-the-sea-print on multiple pieces.



In looking at this dress more closely I think I need it in my closet - appropriate for a wannabe mermaid, yes?  Plus I have the perfect pair of corally-red wedges to go with it.  Still, I'm short so it would probably be to my ankles...but I could always get it hemmed. 

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The rest of the summer collection, which has ice cream theme, didn't really do anything for me.  It's a shame because it's a great idea and I could see so many cute things - ice cream cone-shaped lipsticks, little ice cream cones embossed onto powder, etc. - as a result of the ice cream inspiration.  However, I think the blotting sheets make up for the lackluster remainder of the collection (even though shells have nothing to do with ice cream). 

What do you think?

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