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Curator's Corner, 6/29/2014

CC logoSo no summer exhibition this weekend.  :(  I realized I had made several mistakes in the labels and had to reprint them, plus one item I was waiting on has yet to arrive.  But it will go up over the 4th of July weekend!  In the meantime, here are some links.  

- The Hairpin offers an interesting take on beauty YouTubers.  I can't say I agree, but it's a good read.

- The FDA is finally getting around to making some kind of effort to discuss the topic of paraben safety in cosmetics and skincare.

- Happy 5 year blogiversary to the Unknown Beauty Blog!  Keep up the great work!!

- I thought this "random act of beauty" by British Beauty Blogger was just lovely.

- I can't resist reading about absurdly expensive products, so naturally I had to check out Into the Gloss's review of $100 toothpaste

- I'm intrigued by this new kid on the beauty blog block.  The Beauty of Apathy is a no-rules beauty blog that "welcomes diversity and encourages open discussion."  I'm excited to see what's in store.

- At the request of a U.S. journalist, artists in 27 countries photoshopped her likeness to meet their own beauty standards.  The results were as varied and fascinating as you would expect.

- A Weighty Subject shows yet another hilariously awful vintage diet ad

The random:

- You thought beauty products were dangerous what with lead face powder and belladonna, but apparently fashion could be deadly too

- Wish I could see this exhibition at the National Gallery in London on the techniques and materials artists used to create color over hundreds of years.

- On the local front, I am very excited for Insomnia Cookies to be open, as is Makeup Museum staff. 

- Finally, you may remember last year I had gotten many many tiny shell beads with which to make a proper mermaid necklace.  With marathon training I never got around to it.  This year, however, I have even more beads and more determination to actually make something with them!  How cute are these?! 


What's been catching your fancy this week?

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