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Curator's Corner, 5/11/2014

Quick post: Paris in bloom from Bourjois

I was pretty excited to see these Little Round Pots at British Beauty Blogger way back in January and managed to snag a couple of them at Asos.  These limited-edition eye shadows and blushes from Bourjois feature a floral print that originally appeared on their packaging for loose powder in 1934.


However, I was disappointed in the quality.  The flowers are stickers, not printed directly onto the case as in other limited-edition Bourjois collections.



If you look at previous collections from Bourjois, like this collaboration with Nathalie Lété (one of my favorite collections!), you can see how the design is printed onto the case.  It's sturdier than a sticker, which can peel off, and looks much nicer.


Additionally, I was unable to find any images of the Bourjois products that had the floral print allegedly used in the '30s.  So overall this collection was kind of a miss for me. 

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