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Hautelook exclusive Stila travel palettes

Now how on earth did I miss these?!  I'm a little bummed that Stila snuck them onto discount site Hautelook about a month ago.  I'm a Hautelook member so I get their emails, but I ignored their Stila sale alert because there was nothing from them I needed at the moment.  Little did I know that Stila was offering two Hautelook-exclusive travel palettes during the sale:  Sweet in San Francisco and Stunning in Seattle.  By the time I caught wind of them via Pinterest they were long gone.  I actually ended up calling Stila and was told, very apologetically and nicely, that the palettes were indeed exclusive to Hautelook and that there were no plans to sell them anywhere else in the future.  Very bad news for a collector!

The San Francisco palette I was not able to get my hands on so I will continue to pursue it on E-bay. I think I have all of the city-themed travel palettes, therefore I cannot have any gaps in my collection.   I can't really see the details too well from this tiny picture but you can't miss the Golden Gate Bridge.

(image from

Stunning in Seattle proved less difficult to obtain and I was able to snag it on E-bay.  While "stunning" was previously used in the 2011 Stunning in Sayulita palette, the Seattle one makes up for the repetition in the name.  The famous Space Needle in the background is adorable, but what I really liked is this Stila girl's brunette mane in a messy ponytail since it reminds me of me.  :)  I also loved this girl's outfit.  The sunglasses, cuffed skinny jeans and little flats are so cute, not to mention practical.    Sometimes the Stila girls, particularly those depicted in the travel palettes, are wearing fairly high heels that makes me wonder how much sight-seeing they're actually doing in that particular city;  there are only a handful in flats or bare feet.  The Seattle Stila girl is very chic but also knows she'll be walking and/or biking for most of the day - gotta be comfortable! 


Here's the inside with a quote from Stila Global Artistic Director Sarah Lucero.



What do you think of these?  Were you lucky enough to buy one or both at Hautelook?

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