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Curator's Corner, 5/11/2014

CC logoLinks from the past couple of weeks...I haven't been able to keep up with blogging lately as I was away last weekend and, as I did last year, I got completely sucked into planning an epic birthday party for my niece.  I love party planning but can't multitask, so the blog had to take a back seat.  Anyway, enjoy...lots of great links!

- There was some truly awful/dangerous 19th century beauty advice over at Mental Floss, while Glamour Daze shared less offensive 60-second daily beauty routines from the '50s as well as eye makeup tips from 1941.

- According to the NY Times, we may not even need beauty advice anymore as the "no makeup" trend grows, and apparently we're all wearing too much makeup anyway. However, I greatly doubt the industry will take a hit as a result of the barefaced trend, as evidenced partly by this genius 3D makeup printer.

- Autumn at the Beheld writes yet another scintillating piece, this time tackling the idea of intrinsic motivation when applying makeup.

- Oh, how I love crazily expensive products, like this $14 million mascara. I also love vintage beauty ads and the '90s so I was particularly enamored of this round-up at Into the Gloss.

- Weird lip colors are still trending strongly, with Rihanna rocking green lipstick and Joan Smalls wearing deep violet lips at the Met Gala.  Meanwhile, NYX launched their Macaron Lippies collection, featuring concrete grey and bright yellow lipsticks (among more normal colors.)  I have to admit I am greatly tempted by the grey!

- Cosmetic Candy reviews a must-have new nail product for the mermaid wanna-be (and no, it's not Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Dream.)

- “Your existence is a dismal and feeble one, and no amount of mascara is ever going to change that."  Loved this new ad "campaign" from Revlon.  ;)

- I was just in NYC last weekend and was bummed the NARS new flagship boutique on Madison Avenue hadn't yet opened.  It will debut on May 16th so I will make sure to check it out next time I'm there.

- Possibly the most exciting beauty news I've heard in a while - Marge Simpson will be getting her very own makeup collection!! 

The random:

- Did someone say art and '90s pop culture references?  I'd love to see this exhibition in Seattle

- Hey Pantone, you were not the first to detail every single color in the universe

- The Awl confirms what I've always known - Sundays are really awful

- On the local front, some delusional Yahoo! Travel writer mistakenly claims that Baltimore is the new Brooklyn.  No, just no.

- I mentioned I'm planning my niece's birthday party.  This year, per her request, the theme is Disney's Frozen.  In my party research I came across a lot of great Frozen-themed stuff, including this Frozen/Thriller mashup.  Not party related at all but I still got a kick out of it.

- Okay, Tokyo, I'll see your Moomin Cafe and raise you an Uglydoll restaurant.  Could you imagine getting to have lunch with some adorable Babos sitting right next to you?!

- Bitch Magazine has a wonderful article on my favorite character on Bob's Burgers and her burgeoning sexuality. 

- Yay! Uniqlo is inching ever closer to my reach, with stores opening soon in Philly and Boston.

Finally, Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there and especially to my own awesome mom.  I like to think that growing up I never gave her any brutally honest cards like the ones rounded up at Buzzfeed.

What's up with you? 

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