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Spring 2014 haul, part 2

MM Smackdown: Duel of the Daisies


I knew I wanted Clinique's very happy-looking Cheek Pops from the moment I saw them a few months ago.  Little did I know that Mark had an equally exuberant daisy-inspired design up their sleeve.  And you know what that means:  time for a spring smackdown!! 

Let's get ready to rummmmbbbblllllle!  *ding ding*

In the right corner we've got some dainty yet fierce flower blushes from Clinique.  Available in four bright shades, they're intended to give your cheeks a fresh pop of color (hence the Cheek Pop moniker).  I've chosen two contenders, Berry Pop and Peach Pop, to battle the palette from Mark.


Unlike a real daisy the whole flower is the same color, but the versimilitude in the shape of the petals and dotted center delivers a powerful blow to its opponent...


...not to mention that the colors are spot-on matches for real gerberas.


In the other corner we've got Mark Blooming Pretty highlighting powder.  While it's not 100% certain that the flowers shown are daisies (the website describes them as "embossed blooms"), they were indubitably close enough to go up against Clinique.   The Blooming Pretty palette's strength partially lies in its outer box, whose blue background offsets the pink and yellow of the flowers nicely...and ruthlessly pummels Clinique, who offers no such pretty outer boxes with their Cheek Pops.


The multiple rows of petals are two-toned, unlike Clinique's monochromatic scheme, but these are more stylized and look less like real flowers.  Looks like Mark's lead may be slipping just a bit.



But wait!   The cheerfulness of the sunny golden rays behind the flowers is rallying to spar with Clinique's joyously vivid shades.


So who wins this daisy duel?  Do the Blooming Pretty palette's larger size, pretty blue box and multi-hued flowers annihilate Clinique's Cheek Pops?  Or do the Cheek Pops' simpler, more realistic design and bold colors come out on top?  Tell me in the comments!

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