Color Connection #23
Couture Monday: Armani Belladonna Highlighting Powder

Paul & Joe's secret garden

It was so gratifying to finally say good riddance to winter a couple days ago.   The dark era of snow, ice and polar vortexes is behind us!  Today marks the first day of spring and to celebrate, I'm featuring a few items from Paul & Joe's Secret Garden collection.

I picked up the Color Powders in Dahlia (088), Azalea (089) and Amaryllis (090). 



I also got the face powder - couldn't resist the nest of cheerfully chirping baby robins amidst a vintage-inspired floral background.




How cute is this puff?!



As I always do with Paul & Joe, I tried to identify the patterns on each color powder and the face powder.  The pattern for Dahlia looked quite similar to the one on this dress and skirt.


Upon closer inspection of the print on a pair of pants, however, I realized it wasn't identical.


I couldn't find any match for the striped Azalea case, but I did find some horses like the ones on the Amaryllis case.


Horses and birds both made an appearance on this blouse, but none of the birds are the same as the ones on the face powder.

(images from

Interestingly, all of these are from the brand's diffusion line, Paul & Joe Sister.  Like the summer 2013 collection, this one drew inspiration not from the main Paul & Joe women's line but rather another offshoot of the company. 

Overall this isn't my favorite spring collection from Paul & Joe - 2013's was lovely, and I don't think anything could match the 2012 Meow! collection - but these pieces will look nice in the Museum's spring exhibition.  And that's all that matters, right?  ;)

Happy spring!!  Have you spotted any robins in your neck of the woods?

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