Curator's Corner, 2/16/2014
Color Connection #23

It's here: Makeup Museum Inventory!

Hello!  That was an unplanned and certainly lengthy blog hiatus.  I don't really have any excuse besides the general malaise I get every winter, and as you may know this is the winter that won't end, which made me even more miserable and less inclined to do much of anything besides sleep.  Anyway, I finally took control of the incredibly messy spreadsheet containing all the Museum's items and made it into something that was easy to read.  I had always kept track of items purchased for the collection but it was so embarrasingly disorganized I couldn't ever write about it.  With the help of my very organized husband, I'm pleased to bring you an inventory that will be updated quarterly.  I also added most (I say most because I'm sure I may be missing a few things) of the memorabilia - postcards, mailers, bags, etc.  Click on "Collection Inventory" in the navigation bar above and let me know what you think! 

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