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Curator's Corner, 3/30/2014: Catching up

CC logoI didn't blog for about a month, but I was still collecting links along the way!  Much to catch up on. 

- Did you all see me quoted in this post on crazy lipstick colors over at Huff Po?  I was so excited!!

- Here's a fabulous piece at XO Vain about the influence of Riot Grrrl on one author's concept of beauty.

- The latest beauty trend:  oil pulling.  Anyone try it?

- I'm wondering if this $100 shampoo is worth it.  Probably not but naturally, I'm curious.

- I'm not so curious, however, about Death Scent, a cologne that smells like rotting flesh.

- Brightest Bulb in the Box takes Jezebel's article on contouring to task, and I am grateful.  In another beauty takedown, Meli at Wild Beauty assures us that lead in our lipstick is not, in fact, killing us.

- Apparently the average woman spends 55 minutes a day getting ready. Is it bad that my routine is even longer than that? 

- The New York Times reports that people are spending up to $150 for rare, discontinued shades of nail polish. As a collector I'm not sure why this is news.

- Woot!  Let's hear it for the older ladies!  Charlotte Rampling is NARS's newest muse, while Jessica Lange will be the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty.  It's about time.

The random:

- If you're not watching Broad City, you really should.  Actually you can't now because the season finale was last week, but I'm sure you'll be able to find episodes somewhere.  Read praise for it here, here and here.  Also find out what fragrance each of the girls would hypothetically wear at Rouge 18, and check out an ode to Ilana's style.

- More on the pop culture front:  FX renews Archer for two more seasons (yay! especially since they'll go back to being spies) and there's also a Pee Wee Herman movie in production.  Oh, and here's another interview with one of the Curator's heroes.

- We've suffered some art casualties in the past few weeks.  A cleaning woman threw away some very valuable art she thought was trash, while this moron broke a statue while trying to take a selfie.  Sigh.

- Locally, this is probably the best news I've heard, like, ever.  Now if we can only get rid of Flowermart, the St. Patrick's Day parade, and all the other things throughout the year that make living in Mt. Vernon hell, that would be sweet.

- There is a new Babo but shockingly, I am passing on adding him to our plushie family.  His little face doesn't look nearly as cute as usual because of the makeup, plus I'm not a KISS fan. 

What have you been up to? 

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