Curator's Corner, 2/1/2014
Makeup as muse: Red (Hong Yi)

Deep thoughts: On blogging and finding balance

Tightrope-walkerToday I'd like take a step back and ask my fellow bloggers how you manage your time.  I've been blogging for over 5 years yet I still struggle with time management.  I have two main things I try to accomplish each week:  work out 4-5 days and write 4 posts.   Seems easy, right?  I work full-time, but with no kids or even a long commute, I'm puzzled as to why I still can't seem to either blog consistently or exercise consistently or both.  No matter how much I plan or schedule, I'm never really on the ball.  It's frustrating, especially when I see bloggers who are busier but can keep up without a hitch.  I guess all of the other little things add up (like seeing friends/family, errands, cleaning, keeping up with over 1,000 blog subscriptions, taking on bigger blog projects like exhibitions), plus I need some time to, you know, just relax with a book or watch a movie.  So that's a decent amount of juggling.  Still, I know I can't be THAT busy.  I'm baffled as to how I can't get more done, nor do I see a solution to the problem.  Admittedly I have a low threshold for busy-ness.  I don't like multitasking or cramming lots of things into one day. Given my disposition and personality, perhaps I'm simply attempting too much while other people can take on much more and not feel stressed...or maybe I'm just lazy.

My question to those of you who work full-time in addition to managing a blog is, simply, how do you do it?  How do you find balance between work, life, and blogging?   I'd love to hear any tips and advice!

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