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Curator's Corner, 2/1/2014

CC logoLinks from this week and last. 

- Ommorphia Beauty Bar breaks down Chanel's glittery yet ethereal beauty looks from at their spring 2014 couture runway show. More cutting-edge couture looks are rounded up at Fashionista.

- Science proves that it's not my fault that I'm attracted to shiny objects - it's simply human nature.  Maybe all beauty addicts are just dehydrated?

- The BBC banned red lipstick for its female hosts of children's programming, claiming that it's too provocative.  I'm not really sure where to start with the many ways in which this is absolutely ridiculous.

- I love the combination of chocolate and mint as much as the next person, but not in my toothpaste.  Ew, Crest! 

- In other cosmetic abominations, the latest trends apparently include eyebrow implants, boob deodorant, and earlobe lifts.  Oof.  Is there any body part the industry won't seize upon?

- Having said that, an XO Jane writer shows us that it's possible to work in the industry without making women feel bad about their appearance.

- Loved this student concept for a girls' skincare line.

- Benefit is teaming us with Le Sportsac this spring.  I spy a few new bags in my future.

The random:

- This is awesome: a supercut of every "all right!" uttered by Linda Belcher of Bob's Burgers.

- Dude, I voted for you twice.  Don't diss art history.  Without art history, for example, no one would understand Christian Louboutin's spring ad campaign.  Beautiful shoes are important, no?  ;)

- Habitually Chic gives us the grand tour of the home of By Terry creator Terry de Gunzburg.

- California has gone crazy for cats:  A cat-themed art exhibition opened in L.A., while San Francisco got its first kitty cafe.

- One of a curator's worst nightmares took place at the Tate.  Can you hear me shuddering through the computer?

In '90s nostalgia/things that make me feel old, Green Day's Dookie turned 20 today

What have you been up to this week?

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