Curator's Corner, 1/19/2014
Couture Monday: Happy New Year from YSL

Quick post: Lise Watier Illuminating Powder

This pretty little palette from Lise Watier nearly slipped through my curating radar (curadar?) when it was released about a month or so ago with their Jardin de Givre collection.  I guess technically it's a holiday piece, but the silver glitter embellishments and wintry white of the case makes me think of freshly fallen snow, so I deem it suitable for the post-holiday winter season as well.  While I love the beautiful feather pattern on the inside, it was the simplicity and purity of the case's color combination that spurred me to buy it.  As far as I can tell, "jardin de givre" translates roughly to "frost garden", and I think the case captures the idea of an icy garden quite nicely.  While the pattern is clearly peacock feathers, the placement of the silver glitter within the billowing feathers is reminiscent of frost atop delicate winter blooms.







What do you think?   While I think Guerlain's holiday 2011 Parure de Nuit palette is still tops in terms of feather designs, this one is super pretty.

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