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Curator's Corner, 1/5/2014

CC logoHappy new year!  Here are some links from the very first week of 2014 (and some from 2013). 

- Congratulations are in order for legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath, who was named an MBE (Member of the British Empire) for her work in fashion and beauty.

- Do you dare to try the mismatched eye liner trend?  Eh, I'm passing on this one.

- Something I'm not passing on, however, will be Makeup Forever's new pressed HD powder.  I've been a fan of the loose powder for years so I'm stoked I can get a pressed version to toss in my makeup bag - much less messy for touch-ups than loose.

- Dezeen presents some spectacular masculine packaging for men's makeup.  Will it be enough to get guys stateside to wear it?  Amazing design aside, I'm leaning towards no.

- Salon gives us a thought-provoking piece on feminism, animal cruelty, and wearing makeup.  It's good, I just wish I could fully enjoy makeup without this author and others making me feel bad about it.  (And you will pry my Latisse from my cold, dead hands.)

- Apparently we're beyond BB and CC and even DD creams - EE products have arrived.  I really hope ZZ creams will be end of this ridiculous alphabet-named product craze.

- I'm bidding a somber farewell to, a great Ireland-based beauty blog that decided to fold after 8 fabulous years.

The random:

- There are some really cool-sounding exhibitions going on that I wish I could see, including this one on snow (yes, the cold powdery precipitation) at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, 19th-century toys at the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum and Garden in New York, and an exhibition on the history of men's suits at the London Museum.

- The authors at Bitch Flicks write an excellent piece describing why Tina Belcher of Bob's Burgers is such a wonderful character. 

- Here are some art masterpieces rendered in Lego form.

- I love sweets so naturally I found this candy-inspired furniture very appealing.

- Horror movie fiend that I am, I watched Insidious: Chapter 2 last night and was scared out of my wits!  If you like horror movies and the first Insidious definitely check it my opinion, it was WAY scarier than the first one.  I was a bit shocked at how the plot actually stayed together too.  Usually horror movie sequels don't make any sense or are just plain stupid, and although a few loose ends could have been tied up, it was surprisingly good.

- Finally, we've had some pretty nasty weather here in B'more and the sidewalks have become death traps.  For this brief post at Gawker, I say THANK YOU.  (Seriously, it is so hard to shovel and salt the five feet in front of your home/business?)

How has 2014 been treating you so far?  Any big plans?

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