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Curator's Corner, 1/19/2014

CC logoLinks from this week and last.  :) 

- Loved these gorgeous Egyptian-inspired beauty tools created by Sarah Linda Forrer.

- Remember how I mentioned that I wanted to see this exhibit on vanities and dressing tables?  Well, lucky duck Meli at Wild Beauty got to see it.  Check out her review

- Here's a great piece by Sali Hughes on judgemental Internet comments on beauty blogs.

- Benefit has some exciting news - they'll be the exclusive beauty partner of Tim Gunn's new show, Under the Gunn (which I can't wait to see since I have such a massive crush on him!)

- The Disney beauty empire continues to expand with these admittedly awesomely designed perfume bottles

- These beauty tips from the 1950s published at Glamour Daze show that some of the tenets we rely on today (i.e., splurge on quality foundation, don't use too much powder) were founded over half a century ago.

- While beauty pointers of yesteryear may have been useful, ads were a different story, as evidenced by the vintage ad blog Do I Offend?  Read an interview with the founder here.

- I'm not really sure what's more horrifying - the idea of DIY plastic surgery, or an app that lets "girls aged 9 and up" perform virtual plastic surgery on Barbie.  Fortunately there was enough backlash against this abomination that it was pulled from the iTunes store.

- What's the total cost of the makeup/skincare you're wearing right now? For Martha Stewart, it's $2,000.  (I actually don't think this is THAT bad, especially for a average is somewhere around $350.)

- I was so sad to learn that was folding, but by some miracle they have decided to forge ahead!  Long live! 

The random:

- If you're in NYC, check out this new exhibition on 1930s fashion at FIT. 

- Some fun mermaid things:  Charlotte Olympia released a nautical-theme collection for spring-summer 2014, which, as I hoped, included an adorable pair of shoes with mermaids, while this photographer situates mermaids in different cities across the globe.  And a "sushi artist" made this mermaid sushi, among other images.

- Speaking of mermaids, who wants to go to an underwater art museum?

- I loved reading these interviews here and here with my idol, but I seriously got heart palpitations when she hinted at a possible reunion of my favorite band.

- Late to the Archer party, but I've been greatly enjoying it since I'm a fan of both Sealab 2021 and H. Jon Benjamin.  Naturally I liked this interview with creator Adam Reed.

- On the local front, a stolen Renoir that had been missing for over 50 years was rightfully returned to the Baltimore Museum of Art.

- It's only the first month of 2014, but Uglydolls has already released a new Babster!  Can't wait to get my hands on Space Babo!

That's all for me this are you?

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