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Thanks to the husband for the awesome poster!

Peace on earth?  Screw that!  It's time for an old-fashioned Makeup Museum Smackdown!!

This season, both Korean drugstore champ Etude House and the ever-kooky Anna Sui collaborated with Disney for Minnie Mouse-themed collections.   Now they're going to duke it out in an epic Rodent Riot to see who did it the best.

Let's get ready to rummmmbbbblllllle!  *ding ding*

In the right corner, we have a strong lineup from Anna Sui.  The collection includes nail polish, lip balm and a tin with an eye shadow palette and lipstick.  There are two versions of the tins - punk fiend that I am, I selected the red-hot Rock Song set over the purple Romantic Serenade set.



KAPOW!  Anna Sui throws a solid first punch with the adorable details on the sides of the tin.


A bow-shaped palette echoes Minnie's hair accessory of choice, and is decorated with the reverse of the pattern found on the tin.



Borrowing a move from Paul & Joe's playbook, the lipstick is shaped just like Minnie's head, and she's even winking!  BOOM.


The Anna Sui collection still has a few tricks up its sleeve with a sparkly red nail polish with a Minnie-shaped cap and a lip balm with a Christmas-appropriate holly design.


But Etude House is in it for the long haul and won't be taken down easily.  Their collection features nail polish and several blushes and highlighters in more Minnie-esque colors than their foe.


The uncomplicated black-and-white sketches of Minnie against a background of her signature dots deliver a sharp right hook to Anna Sui's more complex illustration of the famous mouse.


WHOA!  The Minnie imprint on the powders themselves gets a good jab in at the Anna Sui collection, which left the eyeshadow powder unadorned.





The nail polish cap features a classic mouse-ears print...


...while the bow-shaped glitter in the polish strikes another blow.


So who will emerge victorious?  Will high-end Anna Sui edge out a little-known (stateside, anyway) drugstore brand?  Or can the simpler design and precious color palette of Etude House's collection defeat the more substantial Anna Sui lineup?  Tell me in the comments!

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