2013 Holiday Haul
Curator's Corner, 1/5/2014

MM Curator's picks and pans for 2013

As we get ready to celebrate the impending new year, let's take a quick look back into 2013 and reflect on the highs and lows of beauty packaging and design.  As I've done in previous years, I present to you my top three picks as well as three collections that didn't exactly knock my socks off.

First, things I loved:

1.  Cosme Decorte Makeup Coffret II:  Between the laser-cut paper insert, the luxe white lining of the box and the woodland creatures frolicking about, this is possibly the ultimate winter cosmetics package.


2.  Clarins summer bronzer:  The glowing red of the compact lid paired perfectly with the intricate, Aztec-inspired pattern imprinted on the powder.



3.  OB for Shu:  while I was deliriously happy to see the Shu/Murakami collaboration, it was Murakami's young protegé that truly captured my heart this year.  OB's collection was sheer magic, full of whimsy and beautiful soft colors.


I also wanted to give an honorable mention to something that was not released this year but that blew me away nevertheless:  the amazing memorabilia that was generously bestowed upon me by a mysterious Stila fan!


And now for the pans.  Here are three that I found to be the most disappointing.

1.  NARS/Guy Bourdin:  I was so excited to learn of another NARS artist collaboration this year given the phenomenal 2012 Andy Warhol collection, but was crushed when I saw the terribly misogynist work by Bourdin, which was used on the packaging for the NARS collection.  Ugh.

2.  Wild Horses palette by Chantecaille:  Yes, I bought it.  But did I love it?  Not really.  I'm not a huge fan of horses to begin with, and this palette followed the same basic four-pan layout as the previous five (!) Chantecaille releases. 

3. All collections by YSL:  Seriously, get it together!

Do you agree with my picks?  If you're so inclined, dig through this year's archives and see which makeup items were your faves (and least fave)!

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