Color Connection #21
MM Curator's picks and pans for 2013

2013 Holiday Haul


I can't believe I've neglected my beloved blog for a solid week!  But to paraphrase Bob Cratchit, I was making rather merry.  :)  We're just about wrapping up the holiday season, so I thought I'd share the products I picked up between my fall haul and now.  I haven't tried all of them but I can't wait to dig in!  You'll notice there's not much makeup this time around - it's mostly nail polish, hair and bath and body products.

First, the Pedi-sonic...I'm a sucker for fancy foot treatments, especially now as my feet are kind of a mess from running, so I'm eager to try this and see if it works better than my Diamancel file.


Chanel Cosmic, Essie Cashmere Bathrobe, Urban Decay Zodiac, OPI All Sparkly and Gold, China Glaze Ruby Pumps nail polishes.  I was shocked when, a few days before Christmas, I went digging through my polish stash and realized I didn't own a single glittery red polish.  Naturally I had to remedy that ASAP with a trip to Ulta.


Davines All in One Milk and Bumble & Bumble hair chalk, which I haven't had the occasion to try yet...but I think the fresh minty green hue will be fun in the spring.  I had heard of Davines but had never tried it until I started going to a different salon in town, and my stylist used this on my hair.  It's a little too heavy for me since my hair is fine textured, but it smells divine and detangles amazingly well, so I just use it once a week as a deep conditioner on a day that I don't have to style my hair.  I'm also a huge fan of their Sea Salt Spray (not pictured) which, I dare say, I like just as much as Bumble & Bumble's version.  I will definitely be trying more from this line!


Chanel Bronze Platine mascara and Initiation Illusion d'Ombre eye shadow (love both!), MAC Close Contact lipstick, Dark Outsider Creme Sheen lip gloss, It's Physical and Our Secret Fluidlines. 


Finally, lots of LUSH holiday stuff - Penguin Bubble Bar, Celebrate lotion (smells delish and layers well with the Penguin Bubble Bar scent), Ponche and Calacas perfumes.  I'm still testing out the perfumes, so far they're not great on me.  For some reason LUSH perfumes seem to turn weird on me.


What did you get during the holiday season?  Anything you're loving?

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