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Curator's Corner, 12/21/2013

CC logoLinks from this week and last. 

- How Christmas-appropriate:  Cosmetics Design offers a brief overview of frankincense, gold and myrrh in beauty products.  I don't think, however, that this is nearly as interesting as their previous story on a new marijuana-based skincare line.   I wonder how this new one compares to another hemp beauty line I mentioned early in 2013.  

 - Apparently the nail polish/nail art craze is fading.  Too bad - this news comes just after the first "Nailympics" were launched.

- Speaking of trends, move over vajazzling!  The latest for your ladyparts is steaming.  File that under WTF.

- Love high heels but hate the pain that sometimes goes with them?  Try this foot numbing spray!  (Ugh, seriously?)  Or maybe you could try out these new heels that apparently are as comfortable as sneakers - the inventor even ran a 5K in them.

- Even if you don't watch South Park, this piece at The Beheld is a must-read.  (It's beauty-related, I promise!)

- A photography student takes the use of Photoshop in beauty ads to task, and does a damn good job of it.  Now, won't someone please shut down the notion of a "bride body"?  The fact that there is an entire company devoted to helping you "look your best" (i.e., help you lose weight) for the big day is revolting.

- The first LUSH spa in the U.S. is due to open in NYC in early 2014.  I was all excited because I love LUSH, then I remembered that what I don't love is strangers touching me (hence my aversion to spa treatments.)

- I do, however, plan to indulge in these new luxurious Clarisonic brush heads.  While they are gimmicky (they provide only a 9% improvement in cleansing) they are much softer than the regular brush heads.  Plus one of them is called the "Cashmere Cleanse".  I can't resist such finery!

The random:

- I loved these vintage Christmas cards featuring fancy Christmas trees, along with this contemporary project that examines the design of various eggnog cartons.

- Look, now you can officially be a card-carrying feminist!  (via Design Crush)

- There's an exhibition devoted to vanities and dressing tables at the Met, which obviously I'm dying to see.  I was also drooling over the ancient jewels in this Christie's sale.

- Finally, some holiday cuteness.  Check out Lil Bub's holiday video, which, as far as I can tell, is just the little scamp purring in front of a crackling fire for an hour.  Trust me, it doesn't get old!  But this Nativity scene takes the adorableness cake. 

Off to attend to some Christmas activities now - got lots of presents to wrap!

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