Couture Monday: Armani Eccentrico
MM Holiday 2013/Winter 2014 exhibition

Cosme Decorte Makeup Coffret II

Remember how I said I'd give my eye teeth for this Cosme Decorte set in my Woodland Wonderland post a few months ago?  Well, I was browsing at Ichibankao for a holiday exhibition item and there it was!  Naturally I pounced. 

From the brand's Malaysia Facebook page:  "In a silent winter wonderland carpeted in snow, the animals in the forest gathered quietly on this holy night to welcome Christmas.  These lovable animals make their appearance on AQMW Christmas Coffret. Like a treasure box found only in this special forest, have it with you will bring a sense of peace and happiness."  


The luxe white lining inside the box does indeed resemble a forest floor covered in snow.


While I love that the animals appear on the makeup itself, I think I like the laser-cut paper interior even more.



This picture is for the husband since he loves squirrels!


Here's the eye shadow:






What do you think of this set?  It reminds me a little of Paul & Joe because of the attention to detail, although the overall style is different.

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