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Curator's Corner, 11/30/2013

CC logo Links for the week.

- Clarisonic gets more design-y with their Year of the Horse-themed cleansing system. 

- This account of one woman's experience at Sephora annoyed the hell out of me.  I know it can be overwhelming, but there are literally thousands of beauty blogs that can help you navigate the aisles and determine which products you need.  You're not helpless so don't act like it!  And certainly don't blame the store for you not knowing your own hair type or for having expensive products.  Finally, it's makeup, not rocket science.  You'll figure it out.  And if you buy something and it's not right, return it - Sephora has a generous return policy.

- Diamonds in beauty products, while luxurious, don't offer too many tangible benefits.  Still, if you're Lindsay Bluth Funke, these expensive products are positively a bargain. 

- There seems to be lots of new offbeat scents lately.  In addition to the fried chicken-scented candles there's also George Takei's new fragrance, as well as one developed with a commonly used font in mind.  If you've always wanted to know what Helvetica smells like, now's your chance.

- I must remember to include this Too-Faced Chocolate Bar palette if I ever re-do the Sweet Tooth exhibition.

- Like last year, I fell asleep before midnight on Thanksgiving and thus did not get MAC's Hautecore lipstick (I roused myself at 6am yesterday in the off chance it was still available, but as I expected, it was sold out.)  However, rumor has it that it will be offered in the upcoming Punk Couture collection on December 26th, so all is not lost.

The random:

- Since the births of my nephew and niece, I have aspired to be what this writer describes as a PANK - professional aunt, no kids

- The Punk Singer, the documentary on my idol Kathleen Hanna, has been getting tons of good press.  Check out articles here, here and here.

- On the local front, I'm so excited that Trinacria, a fabulous Italian deli near us, is coming to our very own neighborhood and bringing its delicious sandwiches with it.

- Finally, a Thanksgiving picture!  Museum Advisory Committee member Sailor Babo poses with cookie butter blondies, a pumpkin cheesecake (with a very messy crust, oops), and apple pie.  The husband made the menorah.  :)

Sb thanksgivukkah

Unfortunately, several food disasters fell upon my family this season.  First, my baking confidence took a major tumble.  While that apple pie looks yummy, the filling was completely soupy.  I have no idea why it didn't thicken but I was so upset when we cut it and discovered it was all watery!  Also, not in the picture above, is the chocolate orange mousse I made which was also liquified - it was more like pudding.  But I think these incidents pale in comparison to what happened to my dad, whose turkey brining bag managed to collapse and spill gallons of brine over the entire kitchen, which he then had to spend hours cleaning up.  Oof.  So, not our best Thanksgiving food-wise.

How was your week?

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