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Curator's Corner, 11/23/2013

CC logoLinks from this week and last...I failed to post a Curator's Corner last weekend as I must have gotten distracted by my b-day.  ;)

- Buyer beware:  the author of Collecting Vintage Compacts warns about unscrupulous sellers who glue on embellishments in attempt to inflate the prices of their wares. 

- NARS is opening a new boutique in Soho, which I'm happy about since 1.  their current NYC boutique is nowhere near as nice as the one they opened in LA last fall, and 2.  I tend to stay in Soho when I visit NYC so that's pretty convenient for me.  :)

- Yet another MAC/Disney collab come spring.  I can't help but feel this is going to be very similar to their previous Venemous Villains collection. 

- But what is on my radar from MAC is their "Hautecore" matte black lipstick, which will be available, fittingly, on Black Friday.  I just hope I remember to order around the stroke of midnight this year rather than passing out and having the husband order it for me like I did with their Grey Friday lipstick last year.

- Trendwise, the big product craze now is hair chalk.  This temporary, colorful hair makeup allows one to color just a few sections of hair rather than having to dye it all over - perfect for a fun night out, since a shampoo will rinse it right out.  Bumble and Bumble debuted their hair chalk product at Sephora a month or two ago, and L'Oreal is following suit.

- This is a little troubling - Estée Lauder in apparently "in talks" about buying nail polish line Butter London.  The reason I worry is because in general I'm always a fan of smaller, more indie lines and I don't want to see Butter London lose any of its original oh-so-British cheekiness, and also because there's not a great track record for Estée purchases - my beloved Stila went downhill after it was bought by Estée.

- Check out this very illuminating interview with a cosmetic chemist over at XO Vain.

- Best Things in Beauty takes on the myth of beauty product expiration dates and shuts. it. down.

The random:

- One of my favorite Tumblrs, My Vintage Vogue, turned 5 this week.  Hooray!

- Oh come on, Wall Street Journal, not ALL runners are self-important douchebags.  I mention my running here, but it's not to brag - it's to remind myself that even though I'm so incredibly unathletic I can still exercise.  In fact, I'm so self-conscious about how slow I run I register for races under an alias. 

- So excited for Tim Gunn's new show!  He is the best part about Project Runway, in my opinion.  Well, him and Nina Garcia's hair.

- How is Baltimore one of America's "most hipster cities"??  I'm genuinely puzzled.  Maybe it's all the crazy MICA kids.

-'s most expensive pizza.  I certainly don't think it's worth over 4 grand though. (via Serious Eats)

- And lastly, speaking of food, is everyone getting ready for Turkey Day?  I'm in charge of mashed potatoes and dessert.  This year I'm making apple pie, pumpkin cheesecake, chocolate orange mousse and cookie butter blondies. 

 (image from

If you're in the U.S., what are you doing for Thanksgiving?  And if you're outside the U.S., what fun plans do you have for the week?

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