Color Connection #20
Quick post: Clarins The Essentials palette

Curator's Corner, 11/10/2013

CC logoLinks for the week.

-Would love to see this exhibition on Van Cleef & Arpels, which features some gorgeous vanity cases in addition to jewelry.  I'm also totally jealous of whoever organized this exhibition on Dior's first fragrance, Miss Dior

- The Muse rounds up some truly adorable makeup-themed Christmas tree ornaments

- After a public outcry, Kat Von D. mercifully decided to retire her incredibly ill-named "Celebutard" lipstick from her cosmetics line.  As with the Illamasqua campaign last year that featured a model in black face, I'm dumbfounded by companies that still use such horribly offensive tactics.  It's 2013, people!  There's just no excuse for being that clueless.

- Pur Minerals released an "Untamed Glamour" collection that will allow customers achieve the perfect cat eye.  The leopard-spotted compact is cute, but what's really great is that the collection was a partnership with National Geographic for their "Big Cat Week" TV series. A portion of the proceeds will go their Big Cat Initiative that works to halt the decline of big cats in the wild.

- Speaking of saving animals, Jane at British Beauty Blogger gives us the lowdown on the new animal testing ban in China.  We're getting there!

- New (old) beauty blog on the block - meet Beauty Shy, which focuses on helping "readers cut through all the advertising and figure out how makeup fits into their lives."  I think beauty newbies and those of us who are intimidated and/or confused by cosmetics marketing claims will benefit most from this blog, but it's a great read regardless. 

- Check out some beautiful mid 20th century Italian silver enameled pieces and their history at Collecting Vintage Compacts.

The random: 

- Splitsider had an interview with Loren Bouchard, creator of Bob's Burgers.  In contrast to Splitsider's previous interview with H. Jon Benjamin, there's actually some mention of my favorite series from Bouchard and one of my favorite shows ever, Home Movies.  (If you enjoy Bob's Burgers or H. Jon Benjamin you REALLY need to check out Home Movies, as he played two of what I consider his best characters.)

- I love me some Lululemon, but Chip Wilson needs to STFU already

- On the local front, we've had Berger cookie milkshakes for a while, but is Baltimore ready for Berger cookie beer?  I know I am!

- Finally, saw some good stuff on my 18-miler this morning.  First I spotted this adorable little kitteh!  I don't think she was a stray - given her size she seemed well fed and she didn't run off when I approached, so I think she was a house cat that managed to wander outside and enjoy the fall sun.



Also saw this chick rocking a Domo backpack.  So cute!


What were you up to this week?

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