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Couture Monday: Marc Jacobs Lightshow Luminizing Powder

The Curator was ever so pleased to see that Marc Jacobs Beauty wasted no time in making the leap to collectible items since the introduction of the line in August.  We've seen shimmery sequins on palettes before, courtesy of Chanel, but Jacobs' Lightshow Luminizing Powder presents a markedly different treatment of this motif.  Instead of Chanel's Lumière d'Artifices palettes' scattered sequins neatly contained within horizontal bands of color, Marc Jacobs' holiday 2013 highlighter features radiant, criss-crossed strands placed diagonally. 







I hesitated in buying this palette because I wasn't sure if the pattern was based on a design from Jacobs' fall 2013 collection, but this sequinned oversized fishnet weave appeared in many pieces, from blouses and dresses to bags and shoes.

(images from

A closer look at the accessories - I love how it looks on those shoes! 


(images from

I thought this was a great example of how the fashion arm of a company translates a detail or item from the clothing into cosmetics.  The sequins are easily recognizable from the fall 2013 collection but tweaked ever so slightly to lend themselves to a useable palette.  In this case, the black threading was eliminated and the gold emphasized so as to create a versatile highlighter that will, no doubt, be in heavy rotation once the holiday season is in full swing - if you can bear to use it, that is.  (Obviously mine is for exhibition purposes only!) 

What do you think of this palette?  I know I was delighted to see this brand-new line come up with something collectible so soon after its launch.

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