Curator's Corner, 11/10/2013
Lipstick sculptures by May Sum

Quick post: Clarins The Essentials palette

I really wish more companies would make palettes like this.  Clarins' Essentials palette is both made from all recycled materials and is itself entirely recyclable, complete with a sustainably-sourced birch wood brush.  Oh, and the colors are really pretty too!

Clarins-Essentials Palette-2013
(image from

Additionally, Clarins has partnered with Pur Projet, "an association which aims to preserve ecosystems in partnership with disadvantaged communities."  One of Pur Projet's initiatives is supporting the Kuntanawa people in Brazil, whose Amazonian culture is threatened by deforestation (the Kuntanawa population is under 400.)  Proceeds from the Clarins Essentials palette will go to the company's goal of planting 10,000 trees with medical and cosmetic purposes in the area.  Interestingly, "among these trees is the urucum, which produces a red pigment traditionally used for the community's ritual make-up."  It's a great concept - I love the idea of buying makeup to help an indigenous culture sustain their own makeup.

Will you be partaking in this do-gooder palette?

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