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Curator's Corner, 10/20/2013 (plus 1st marathon recap!)

MM Musings, vol. 13: Storage

Makeup Museum (MM) Musings is a series that examines a broad range of museum topics as they relate to the collecting of cosmetics, along with my vision for a "real", physical Makeup Museum.  These posts help me think through how I'd run things if the Museum was an actual organization, as well as examine the ways it's currently functioning.  I also hope that these posts make everyone see that the idea of a museum devoted to cosmetics isn't so crazy after all - it can be done!

I bet you're wondering where the Curator keeps the Makeup Museum's collection. (At least, I hope all two of my readers are curious.)  So today's installment of MM Musings is devoted to the topic of storage. 

No museum can really escape the issue of where to store its collection; it's not as though curators and directors can simply toss pieces into the garbage if they don't want them anymore.  While museums do regularly deaccession some of their works, this is not the most efficient way to make room for more items.  However, the bigger storage issues museums face relate to organization and security, not so much lack of space.  When a public institution such as a museum is planned, obviously the people behind it ensure the location they choose has enough room for a growing collection.  Some museums also are able to obtain grants for either off-site storage spaces or additions to the current location should their collection outgrow the existing storage space. 

But for a private collection that grows quickly such as the Makeup Museum's, finding enough space is definitely a challenge.  While makeup items tend to be small, I'm adding things at a very fast pace so my designated storage spaces fill up rapidly.  And since the Museum does not yet occupy a public space, I can't exactly jump on the "visual storage" bandwagon that's so popular these days (my next MM Musings post will cover that.)  Everything is stored at home in several different spots.

Now I will take you through the dark underbelly of the Makeup Museum and see if you can help me come up with a storage solution that doesn't involve off-site space or deaccessioning some of the collection (the horror!).

First I'll take you through the makeup room.  Actually it's technically a master closet, but since most of my makeup is stored there, including the stuff I actually use, I refer to it as the makeup room.  (This is also the room the husband built to convince me to move in...he had NO idea what he was in for.)

The closet and drawers are from Ikea, the Stila poster is from the kind salespeople at the Columbia Mall who let me take it.  I was upset at the thought of it being destroyed after it was taken down so I asked if I could have it when they were done with it. 


Here's the drawer where I store Paul & Joe and Stila.  I store these brands here because they fit better here than they do in other drawers - you'll see why shortly.


Hey, Mummy Babo!  Get out of there!  I guess the little scamp couldn't resist photobombing my storage pics.



The very top drawer stores makeup from brands A-K.  This was nearly impossible to photograph because it's up so high - even on a ladder I couldn't get a good picture.

It starts with A's (Anna Sui, Armani) on the left and continues to the right.





MM top drawer


The rest of the drawers hold clothes as well as my stash (the makeup I wear rather than display), and on top of the closet are storage tubs holding miscellaneous seasonal items - summer shoes, mini Christmas tree, etc.  So unfortunately I think the rest of that closet is off limits in terms of making more storage for the Museum.

The rest of the collection is stored in another closet, although this one is much smaller and regrettably, probably the ugliest space in our home.  It's in a weird little niche off a hallway near the bedroom and we keep all kinds of random stuff in there - flashlights and other tools, cleaning supplies, physical therapy/fitness items, etc.

I think these drawers are also from Ikea.  Originally the drawers were designated just for Shu Uemura, but I had to stack some MAC bags on top.



Now the individual drawers, which as you can see, are pretty full.




This drawer has some Paul & Joe bags that couldn't fit in with the other Paul & Joe stuff, along with some other makeup bags.  The black one in the front of the drawer (on the left in the pic) is a tote from the NARS Melrose boutique, while the purple one next to the red Paul & Joe kitty bag is from Chantecaille.


The last drawer contains postcards.


Another set of drawers sits to the right of that set.  I cleared off the top but normally we have workout stuff (weights, etc.) sitting on it.  Why, hello Swiffer!


The first drawer has totally random stuff from all different brands - brands that aren't well represented in the Museum's collection so far, i.e., ones that I don't need entire drawers for yet.


The rest of the drawers contain all my LUSH bath goodies.

Finally, there's another cart of drawers all the way in the back.  I've resorted to putting more Paul & Joe stuff on top.


First drawer contains the L's - Lancome and Laura Mercier.


Then we move into MAC.




Here's where the organization really falls apart.  I think this drawer originally just had Too-Faced palettes, but with MAC's constant limited-edition offerings I had to put MAC stuff in here too.


The rest of the Too-Faced collection and some Tokidoki:


Then, the bottom-most drawers, which I have trouble reaching because this cart sits behind another cart where we keep home repair stuff, I ended up shoving NARS stuff in there, along with more random items (Milani, Laduree, Urban Decay).  Clearly this is no longer alphabetical.  I think I did it this way because I wasn't expecting NARS to ever have LE items, so I just went straight from MAC to Too-Faced and instead of moving NARS up one drawer and the Too-Faced stuff down, I just put them in here.  Lazy I know. 



Then, finally, more bags and other memorabilia.


So...any suggestions how to make more room besides getting rid of things or moving them off-site?  In looking at that second cart, I think I may have to strip it of the LUSH items and move them somewhere else - I can probably put them in one larger bag somewhere, there's no need for them to be spread out in the drawers.  Another option is to attempt to put some things into the storage tubs on top the of the closet in the makeup room, but that really isn't easily accessible.  The stuff that's up there now are all things I need only once or twice a year, but with the Museum's exhibitions happening at least 4 times a year and me constantly putting away things that aren't on display I need easier access. 

Unfortunately that's all I can think of at the moment.  We either need to move to a bigger house or I need to get a public space!

Thoughts?  (Other than "you  have too much makeup")?

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